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“…extremely excited to start 4th grade there and thank you very much for recommending it… I have also recommended you to a few friends as well since we were very happy with your service!” – Marie F., February 2018

“Sandy took a very daunting process and made it doable. She stayed calm and helpful while we were totally losing our minds! We weren't sure if our son would be accepted into a private middle school but with Sandy's help, he was accepted at 2 of the 3 schools to which he applied. We are very satisfied with our experience working with Sandy. We cannot thank her enough for all her help!” – Karen P., May 2017

“How can I thank you enough!? I remember during our first meeting we spoke briefly about the journey. The journey we were all about to embark on…We talked about how this would be a learning experience for us all, and how we would learn more about our kids during the process.

Now here we are and please just allow me to say thank you! For such an experience that can be both challenging and intimidating, you were the ROCK, the best tour guide a couple parents could ever ask for. Your experience, knowledge and poise was so very much appreciated…. and also needed! And truth be told our kids probably would not be attending the school of their dreams, "well theirs and ours ;)” if not for you.

I can say with all honestly that you are legitimately the best at what you do! It’s also obvious that you have worked incredibly hard to become the best! A lesson that we can all take away from! Sandy, thank you for helping my family and helping to change the lives of 3 great kids. I think the next journey we take together will be titled COLLEGE!!” – Darren T., May 2017

“If it weren't for Sandy Eiges, I don't know where we would be today. Honestly! Seven years ago when our oldest son was in second grade, we realized we needed a different school. He was extremely unhappy at our local elementary where I was highly involved. I could see his self esteem plummeting and he was miserable. He even said that school was like going to prison. I knew we had to get him in a better situation and fast. It was nearing the end of the school year at this point, so finding a good fit for the following fall wasn't looking good. I called Sandy Eiges on the recommendation of a close friend. She was able to meet with me right away and began developing an action plan. Miraculously, we got into the perfect school for my son that summer and he immediately began to thrive. Our family dynamic even began to change as his self esteem flourished. Today, he is a confident, highly motivated and successful student, and just got accepted at the high school of his dreams. I truly believe none of this would have been possible without Sandy's guidance. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about the entire matrix of Los Angeles schools—whether private, public, charter, elementary or high school—but she a supportive and caring person.” – Brigid M., May 2017

“Our international move to the US happened rather suddenly in late 2016 and due to the time of year, we were well behind others in terms of getting in to meet the various schools…

This may sound stressful but once we’d met with Sandy she put us at ease and in a very short space of time, having understood our preferences for the type of education we wanted for our kids, she helped us narrow down our options and then in just a few days, got us in to meet the directors of admission at each of our preferred schools. Ultimately we were left in the fortunate position of having to choose between these…Sandy is a real professional and always makes herself available for discussion in what is a fluid process.” – H+M, May 2017

"Last year, we applied to several private kindergartens for my son and he was not granted admission to any of them despite his attendance at an all star Westside preschool. Wow, kindergarten admissions for boys these days is tough! We were lucky enough to be able to send him to a DK and retry this year. This is when we knew we needed Sandy's help. Sandy was so helpful in finding the right fit for our son! She really helped steer us in the right direction after observing our son at his preschool and of course meeting with us, the parents. In fact the school that he is enrolled in next year, we weren't even going to tour until she insisted that we must! Our son was so lucky to be granted admission to not only one Westside private kindergarten, but three! This is amazing, and would not have been possible without Sandy's help and insider knowledge of the schools. The hardest part of the whole process was deciding on which one to accept! And the only thing I would do differently is to use Sandy's help from the start.” – Stephany T., May 2017

“Sandy was very helpful in dealing with the complexity of narrowing our search to the right schools, and for giving us the confidence to be ourselves. It worked. We applied to 5 schools and got into 4.” - The Logans, March 2017

“Thank you so very, very much for all of your help guiding us through the daunting admission process. You made a hard job easy.” – Deborah L., March 2017

“Sandy was incredibly helpful to us as we navigated the process of applying for elementary schools for our twin girls. She is incredibly knowledgeable, patient and friendly. She was always available for our questions and spent several hours going over schools that would best serve our children and our family. She listened to our beliefs and point of view about early childhood education and provided us with valuable insight and information as to which schools would cater to the specific individual needs of our twins. She also provided us with a clear timetable of deadlines, tours, and the application process. We could not have imagined going through this process without her. She was also helpful to us in making our final decision, of which we are very happy. Thank you, Sandy.” - Jessica and Adam D., August 2016

“We feel so grateful for Sandy's help! Somehow, we were accepted by four incredible elementary schools, and we are happy to be headed to our favorite in the fall! Sandy's help was crucial -- her guidance may have saved our sanity as a couple many times over. We found the search process to be long, isolating, stressful and extremely time-consuming. However, Sandy gave it context and clarity, and kept us grounded throughout. She was able to advise us on everything from email etiquette, to pedagogical comparisons, to deadline reminders to "are we doing right by our child?" Since Sandy had also suggested our terrific preschool to us years ago, and has advised many friends on their kinder searches, it was easy for us to put full faith in her support for elementary. But we wish every local parent would check in with the LA School Scout no matter their school plans...Whether considering independents, charters, magnets, or qualifying for other neighborhood schools, a discussion with Sandy should be your first step.”
- Lucy H., August 2016

“We found navigating the maze of L.A. school options extremely daunting…public, private, magnet, charter, K through grade 6, or 7, or 8. Sandy Eiges was phenomenal in helping us find the best possible school for our child. Sandy was incredibly knowledgeable about all the schools we toured, and has excellent relationships in the education community. Sandy is the greatest, and we couldn’t recommend her more highly.” - Steve B., June 2016

“Sandy did the impossible and helped get us into our first choice school even though there was just one spot available. I could not be more grateful for her help throughout the process.” - Sanjay S., May 2016

“Just finished kindergarten at … and we've had an amazingly wonderful year. We knew kindergarten was meant for love and learning and we didn't stop until we found the right place. Thank you for guiding us there.” – June 2015, Jessica S.

“After our son did not get into any of the Kindergarten schools to which we applied, we hired Sandy Eiges of LA School Scout. She came highly recommended by another parent. ... She very calmly laid out a proposed plan for Johnnie to get into a Kindergarten and immediately began calling the heads of schools with whom she clearly had a personal relationship. With her guidance and direction we applied to three private schools and got into all three. Ultimately she made it possible for our son to get into the school of our choice. We highly recommend Sandy. She is well-connected, patient, caring and has a great sense of humor.” – John C., April 2015

“The smartest thing we did in our elementary school search was hire LA School Scout. We had just had our second baby when we needed to begin applying to schools for our older daughter. We were sleep deprived and without the time to carefully research. Sandy immediately scheduled all our school tours and then spent hours on the phone with us before and after interviews. She recommended schools we hadn't first considered and helped us hone in on the best choices for our daughter. Sandy made herself readily available to answer our many questions. She was patient, polite and kind while also being honest about the possibilities and realities of private school admissions. She was extremely organized and an expert on the schools: she knows all the admissions directors and has a keen sense of what each school is looking for…For a while, my husband would call her every day to discuss possible scenarios. Our daughter was accepted at our first choice school and we believe this is in part to following Sandy's wonderful guidance and insight. Sandy Eiges is a consummate professional. We highly recommend her to all parents trying to find the right school for their children.” -- Lea R., April 2015

“Thank you again so much for the work that you do.  We were offered a spot at … today off the wait list and accepted, as it was our first choice.  I am so grateful that we were able to have a CHOICE, since I know so many families do not.  We would not have had this much success if we did not consult with you.” - Leigh-Anne L., March 2015

“Sandy has been a trusted friend and guide through a nerve-wracking process… If I were to tally time saved, intangibles gained, nerves soothed, and blind alleys averted, then these alone would make working with her the best option.  We were offered a spot at 3 lovely schools.  Couldn’t have gotten there without her.” – Melanie S., March 2015 

“Having no insider experience with any of the five schools we applied to, we turned to Sandy.  She not only knows the ins and outs of what particular school is looking for, she also guided us narrowing down what schools we should apply to. Sandy read … each of our five applications and advised us what to convey in the parent interviews. We ended up getting into some great schools and I will use Sandy again without hesitation when the middle school process approaches.” – Laura O., March 2015

“We are glad to have options!...Thank you again so much for your help throughout this whole process!  We simply could not have survived this process without your help!” – Jean L., March 2015

“I can’t say enough positive things about Sandy. She was so helpful during this arduous process.

We had trouble getting our child into private school before but the year we used Sandy, we got into 5 out of the 5 schools we applied to! She was also extremely helpful assisting us with which school would be the best fit for our daughter. Sandy has great insight and I highly recommend her!” – Wendy B., January 2015

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you a thousand times over... Someone once said that getting into a great private school is an insider's game and it's a game you can win, but you have to know that there is a game and how to play it. ............So true.

Sandy, you are an insider. You know all the players and they know you. You understand the game and how to get results. I think this is your gift from above. You have insight into the private school acceptance arena that is almost like a sixth-sense. I wish I had met you before I tried the first time to go through the application process by myself. I thought getting in was all about being a good family, smiling at open houses, neatly-typed applications, thoughtful interviews and saying the right things to the right people. Yet, March arrived and I received rejection letter after rejection letter, failing miserably as most applicants do and I did not have a clue as to why. That was a miserable experience. 

What a stroke of luck finding LA School Scout! A complete game changer. Having gone through the process with you for both my children, I realize that there is a specific way to do this. If you don't know how to go about it, your chances of getting accepted are non-existent. With the time and attention that you invested in my family, I had a feeling things were really going to turn out well. I just knew it. And they did!

I am thrilled with my children's school situation. They are happy, thriving and on their way to wild success. My children would not be where they are without you. I have referred you to all my friends. You rock. You roll. We will be back when it's time for middle school!"Juliann H., June 2014

"Just wanted to touch base with you since … has completed his first year (of kindergarten) at … We really love the school and grounds, plus … is very happy with the teachers and his friends.  Thank you again for your guidance and assistance in helping us narrow down our school choices.” – C. Burk, June 2014

"Sandy listened to us - drawing us to articulate our hopes and expectations for our son's education in a way that first helped us narrow the field of schools we approached to a realistic selection and then helped us present that information to those schools so that they had a clear sense of who we are. She helped us set realistic goals and guided us as we navigated the hectic schedule set by the schools. Sandy's experience and insight are invaluable.” – Jesse A., April 2014 

"While we have been an LA School Scout follower for years, we didn’t need Sandy’s services until recently, when we had one very specific schooling dilemma for our daughter. We engaged Sandy for a short-term consult. She knew insider details about all of the schools we were contemplating, and also had a deep level of knowledge about the issues we were confronting with our daughter. With shocking clarity, she helped us make a decision. On the first day of school this year, it become so obvious we’d made the right one. We are so grateful for Sandy’s insight and sage advice!" - Joanna B., October 2013

“I am writing to thank you so much for your time and guidance…about my kindergartner…(we are the family fleeing LAUSD…). Based on your advice, we looked at…were admitted to both, and just took the spot at…You gave us a great roadmap for the process and pointed us in really useful directions. I'm so excited to start the school year in a much better situation…you put us on a path we might otherwise never have found, so thank you again!!” – Cara H., June 2013

“Sandy, I don't think I ever formally thanked you for your help … Frankly, I was skeptical of hiring a consultant, you have proven me wrong, and for that I am grateful. “ – Matt J., June 2013

"I cannot say enough good things about Sandy Eiges of LA School Scout! Sandy’s skill, her personal connections with admissions directors at top-tier schools, combined with her calm professionalism helped us find spaces at an excellent school that is perfect for our two very different kids. Sandy knows the ins and outs of the greater Los Angeles area private school landscape and puts her years of experience and contacts to use on behalf of her clients. Sandy is kind and compassionate during moments of stress. She is always available, by phone and email. She too is a mom, so she understands how important education is to her clients. We are elated with the outcome of our school search. We owe Sandy a huge debt of gratitude!"- Jennifer and Jon, March 2013

"Thank you for your helpful advice. All three of my boys started their new elementary school last week. The first day when I picked them up they all had great big smiles and shouted 'Best day Ever!' So thank you for pointing me in the right direction." - Shaina R., January 2013

"Three years ago, we found ourselves without a kindergarten spot for our son, despite the fact that we had spent the last year devoting ourselves to the task of kindergarten admissions. Sandy helped us find a spot for our son at a great school, and guided us through the process of eventually switching to our "first choice". This can unfold over years, unfortunately. Sandy was there for us through the whole thing, a down-to-earth advisor in this super-crazy world of Los Angeles school admissions." – Stephanie T., September 2012

"Just a brief word of thanks for our consultation. We just registered for the fall at ... and I think we're going to be very happy there. We never would have found it without your recommendation." - Damona H., May 2012

"Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for what you did for us! We got accepted in ... with a big financial aid [package] which makes it very doable for us...I cannot be happier!" - Masha T., April 2012

"Thank you for helping us find the best school for our family... Thank you for helping us edit our applications. Thank you for giving us the confidence to be ourselves in the interviews. And thank you for your objective guidance as we struggled with whether to send our child to private school or to keep her in our local public one. This entire experience was a real education and your assistance was invaluable." - Hilarie M., April 2012

“Because of you, we have been able to go through this process as gracefully as possible! …Thank you so much for all your help. It has been a pleasure working with you…”Kathe M., March 2012

"Thank you so much for your guidance and professional wisdom along the way. We feel fortunate to have had you by our side!" - Sue and John A., March 2012

"We made the switch… starting last week and we are really loving it! I’m so glad we decided to switch mid-year… We feel so lucky. Not to say there won’t be any bumps in the road, but I can already tell it’s a much better place for us. So thank you for leading us there, we would’ve never known about the school or considered switching mid-year without your guidance." - Adriane R., January 2012

"Sandy helped us find a great public school for our daughter for kindergarden, that we would not have even been aware of if not for her. Well worth the fee, to not feel so stuck in our neighborhood school. So many options, deadlines, applications, etc. that you really need an expert who is up on these things! Thanks, Sandy!" - Brigitta S-B., July 2011

"Thank you for all of your guidance! We couldn't have done it without your roadmap!" - John M., May 2011

"Just wanted to thank you so much for a wonderful consultation. I already feel like I am more empowered with information on where to start looking and all of the options. Rreally appreciate the thorough write up as well!" - Susan M., May 2011

"I just want to again say thank you for all of your help. It was so overwhelming diving into the school-searching process, especially when also dealing with the transition of a big move. Once you came along everything seemed much less overwhelming and you introduced us to a school that we believe will be a perfect fit..." - Sonia K., May 2011

"We were grappling with some major decisions for our daughter entering 6th grade in September...

Sandy gave me clear, thoughtful, insightful, and heartfelt advice. In one conversation over the phone, where she patiently listened to my whirlwind summary of my daughter's educational experience thus far, she helped re-direct our path, highly recommending us toward a school that had asked her about that clearly is the perfect choice for our daughter and our family, and away from other schools that would not have been appropriate choices in the short and long term. She did so with integrity and patience. She took time with me, and was a great *hand-holder* in this initial conversation.

At the time I talked to Sandy we were very late in the application-process-game. Sandy encouraged us to pursue and trust. Lo and behold a spot opened up! (as she indicated that she had a good feeling it would)...we still had to go thru the formal process of applying...

Finally, we were accepted into the school. Sharing the news with Sandy was like sharing with an old friend or family member. Her sincere joy for us was heartwarming. As we ended our conversation, she made a point to tell me to keep in touch throughout the years to tell her how things are going. Sooooo sweet!!

I am very grateful to Sandy for her kind, caring, and well-informed assistance. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for some assistance with the important decision of choosing the appropriate school for your child!" - Leesa Z., May 2011

"Sandy's advice during our search for a private school for our daughter was indispensable. While we had already toured several schools before we found her, she made some additional recommendations that were right on target as far as what we were seeking in a school. She continued to give us guidance and support throughout the application and interview process that we feel was critical to our success. Without Sandy, we would not have have gotten accepted into all four schools to which we applied. Her assistance is a must to make it through this arduous journey and come out on top!" - Kelly Z., April 2011

"We really got through all of this so much better with your care and guidance. At least half of each acceptance letter will be owed to you. " - Mia G., March 2011

"Because of your knowledge of Los Angeles schools (both private and public) and a sensitivity to my family, your recommendations of where to apply were spot-on. I felt very confident during the interview because you helped me understand that a good fit matters to everyone. When we got to the actual interview at our favorite school I was not worried because I knew I was prepared and could just be myself...your advice helped us gain acceptance into our first choice private school in a rushed, mid-year situation." - Cynthia S., January 2011

"I could not have imagined going through this process without Sandy's help. She is truly committed to what she does, and really takes the time to get to know you and your family. She knows each schools personality, and can really help you figure out which is your school, and how to maximize your admission chances. Even though I thought I had an idea of what I wanted, Sandy was able to give me another perspective. She takes the stress out of this very complicated process. I felt very well prepared the whole way through. We are thrilled that we will be attending ... in the fall!” - Belinda C., July 2010

"Just wanted to say thank you for the incredibly helpful call! You gave me such valuable insight. I already feel like a big weight has been lifted..." - Melanie L., March 2010

"Going in, I felt I knew a decent amount about schools, having read and researched extensively about choosing the right school for my child. However, it was well worth it to sit down with Sandy, articulate my son's needs and strengths and get clear about our realistic options as well as strategies to pursue them. I highly recommend a consult with Sandy to understand your choices and how to best advocate for your child...I left feeling as if we had some good and realistic possibilities." - Rachel D., December 2009

"My husband and I are happy at the modest private school (New World Montessori) where our daughter went to preschool and is now continuing in the K-2 classroom, but interested in our options going forward, particularly for public school. Sandy was very informative and, among other things, helped guide us about our best magnet school choices... " - Regan K., mother of 5 yr old Mira, December 2009

"The panic that had gripped me subsided the instant that Sandy was on my team...getting my boy into a wonderful preschool...Sandy is now working with me on K and elementary for my son. THERE IS NO REASON TO DO IT WITHOUT HER!!" - Jill D., April 2009 (Repeat Client)

"Sandy, I have to write to say thank you. Many, many months ago (is it over a year now?) we spoke and you gave me great advice. I spoke to you about my son and our family and gave you a list of schools we were considering. Though I had a list of seven, you recommended we add Brentwood to our list. You also told me we were on the right track in writing our essays and gave me advice on aspects to add and emphasize.

We got word from seven of eight schools yesterday... we are going to go with Brentwood which seems like the perfect school for us. A million thanks for your help in this grueling process!" - Renee S., March 2009

"You are awesome. Thank you so much...Sheesh!! This process is crazy!" - Michel W., February 2009

"Hi Sandy
I just wanted to...send another thank you! Piper is doing great at Westside Neighborhood. We love the school and are really happy with the choice. I just wanted to thank you again and let you know how happy we were. We would have never found it without you, so thank you thank you! " - Traci N., November 2008

"... when I found out that my husband and I were moving to Los Angeles from the Bay Area...my daughter was two and I wanted her to start preschool this past September. Luckily we found a fantastic school consultant who helped us find the perfect school for our daughter and she started this past September. I cannot say enough good things about Sandy Eiges and her company LA School Scout...What Sandy offered was not only information about all of the schools, but she also spent a considerable amount of time learning about my daughter and my family so she could suggest schools that she thought would be a good match for us.

As a side note, I used to be a preschool teacher...and I still found her knowledge and guidance useful and valuable. Things are constantly changing and Sandy's job keeps her at the forefront of what's going on." - Renee A., March 2008

"It was a very happy day for us. We got into...PS#1, Crossroads, & Wildwood...Thanks for all of your guidance and advice! " - Amy A., March 2008

"With all the stress of trying to juggle the day to day activities in our lives, it was a godsend to have Sandy's help with the school application process. Because of the options, deadlines, applications, and most importantly, thorough research that Sandy presented us with, we were able to complete this daunting process with the confidence that we had made our best effort for our children. Thanks, Sandy! - The Martin-Bourne Family

"A past client who was moving back to the Westside asked me about the best elementary schools in several areas for his daughter. I instantly referred him to Sandy Eiges at L.A. School Scout, and within hours she provided him with great ideas about the many options out there. Frankly, he was overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information she had at her fingertips. Thank you L.A. School Scout. You made me look like an instant expert!" - Alice Plato, Coldwell Banker, Marina del Rey


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